Privates and semi privates

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Private Tuition

This is the perfect introduction to Pilates, or if you are currently dealing with an injury or chronic pain. With a 1-2-1 session you will get to explore and understand how Pilates can help your body feeling stronger, more flexible, and free from pains or aches. Pilates will help you correct your posture or bad movement patterns, that if overlooked can lead to future injuries.

Private tuition £65 per class


Duets and semi privates

With these options you get to enjoy the magic of Pilates with a friend or more!

Pilates can be a bonding experience too!

Duet classes £70 per class, any extra person after that (+£5)

All the classes will take place in the comfort of your own home, we would recommend a minimum commitment of once a week to see results. Fortnightly classes are also an option for some slots. 

Discounted packs for pack of Private and semi privates are available here.